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Troubleshooting the Jensen VM9223 In-Dash DVD Player

Answer ID 11608   |    Published 10/07/2010 03:04 PM   |    Updated 03/24/2013 12:30 AM
What are some tips for Troubleshooting the Jensen VM9223 Multimedia Receiver?
Troubleshooting the Jensen VM9223 In-Dash DVD Player

Troubleshooting the Jensen VM9223 In-Dash DVD Player



Unit will not power on
  • Radio Fuse blown - Install new fuse with correct rating
  • Car battery fuse blown - Install new fuse with correct rating
  • Illegal operation - Press the RESET button located in the bottom right corner of the front panel
Remote control does not function
  1. Check that the batteries are working properly. If they are old or weak, please replace them with fresh ones and try again.
  2. Check that the batteries are installed correctly with the polarity observed.
  3. Make sure there is nothing obstructing the signal from the infrared receiver to the unit.
  4. Make sure your unit is turned on and able to receive the signal from the remote.
No/Low audio output
  • Improper audio output connection - check the wiring and correct.
  • Volume set too low - Increase volume level.
  • Improper "MUTE" connection - Review wiring diagram and check "MUTE" connection.
  • Speakers damaged - Replace speakers.
  • Heavily biased volume balance - Adjust the channel balance to the center position.
  • Speaker wiring is in contact with metal part of car - Insulate all speaker wiring connections.
Poor sound quality or distortion
  • If you are using the RCA line outputs, check your RCA cables and amplifier connections / settings. If you are using the internal power amplifier, check your wiring connections behind the receiver and / or at each speaker for bare wiring and / or shorted wires.
  • Also make sure your speakers are working correctly.
  • Pirated disc is in use - Use original copy
  • Speaker power rating not compatible with unit - Connect proper speakers
  • Speaker is shorted - Check speaker contact
Tele-Mute malfunction
  • "MUTE" wire is grounded.
Unit resets itself when engine is off
  • If the main battery wire (Yellow) and accessory / ignition wire (Red) are reversed / connected backward, it would cause this type of operation. Recheck your wiring and make sure the yellow and red wires are connected properly.

TFT Monitor

No image
  • Incorrect connection to parking brake wire - Check wiring and correct
  • Parking brake is not engaged - Stop vehicle in safe place and apply parking brake
Flashing image or interference appears on screen
  • The DVD may not be compatible with the current system settings. Check the Setup Menu and review video settings. Video Input setting should be set to "Auto".
  • Only NTSC and PAL video signals are supported.
  • Improper video signal connections - Check wiring and correct.
Prolonged image or improper height/width ratio display
  • Improper aspect ratio setup - Use correct aspect ratio setting
Monitor stops at incorrect position
  • Moving path is blocked - Press OPEN key to restart monitor movement


Weak station searching

  • If antenna is not fully extended, or properly connected this will cause poor reception. If you have a motorized antenna make sure the "Blue" antenna control wire, from the receiver, is connected to the vehicle wire harness correctly.
  • Also, make sure the LOCAL tuning function is not enabled.


Cannot insert disc
  • Disc already inside unit - Eject current disc and insert new one
Image blurred, distorted, or dark
  • Disc is illegally copied - Use original disc
Disc does not play back
  • If it is a commercial (store bought) DVD make sure it is Region 1 (USA).
  • If it is a "burned" DVD make sure it contains the correct file format (MPEG1, MPEG2, XviD, VCD or SVCD). In addition, make sure the DVD was "closed" after the recording process.
  • Disc is warped or scratched - Use disc in good condition.
  • Disc is dirty or wet - Clean disc with soft cloth.
  • Laser pickup is dirty - Clean laser pickup with cleaning disc.
  • Disc rating exceeds Parental Lock rating limit - Change Parental Lock settings to lower restriction.
  • Disc is inserted upside down - Insert disc with label side up.

PBC cannot be used during VCD playback

  • PBC is not available on the disc

No repeat or searching while playing VCD

  • PBC is on - Turn PCB off


Interruption occurred during playback
  • Disc is dirty or scratched - Clean disc or replace
  • File is damaged/bad recording - Recreate disc with good files
Incorrect playback message displayed
  • Message is longer than LCD can display

Error Messages

No Disc
  • Disc is dirty - Clean disc with soft cloth
  • Disc is upside down - Insert disc with label side up
  • Disc not present in loading compartment - Insert disc
  • Disc is being read
Bad Disc
  • Disc is dirty - Clean disc with soft cloth
  • Disc is upside down - Insert disc with label side up
Unknown disc
  • Disc format is not compatible with this unit
Region Error
  • DVD is not compatible with region code of unit
  • Illegal mechanism operation - Press EJECT key for 5 seconds to reset loading mechanism

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